Excerpt from Wallace Community College's Spring 2017  "Community Connections." ​

Over 60 men enroll in our discipleship program each year. We had eight baptisms in 2016! Watching our men transform is a powerful and rewarding experience. 

Meet Henry Shy

Henry dropped out of high school in the 9th grade in 1985. Partying was a priority for

him back then. Immediately he went to work doing odd jobs at restaurants and chicken

houses. Alcoholism became a problem while he was working, even drinking on the job.

He tried to get help with his drinking, entering the rehab center, The Haven, four different

times.  He attributes his success beating alcoholism to handing his addiction to God. He

has been sober for over a year. 

Henry entered the the Ark of Dothan in March 2016 to remain clean. He stated that the

Ark has had a huge impact on his life. He disclosed that Jeff Peacock, director of the Ark,

has changed him with many different tasks that makes him step out of his comfort zone.

These tasks include managing the kitchen at the Ark as well as mentoring other Ark residents.

Jeff also challenged Henry to go back to get his GED.

Henry has now been attending GED classes for four months and has already passed the Social Studies, Science and Reading and Language Arts portions of the GED. He plans to take the final portion, Math, in March 2017. His secret to passing the three portions of the GED so quickly was due to his instructor, Mr. William Dunn, being so proactive in guiding him through the various lessons.

Henry's future plans, after obtaining his GED, include attending college and majoring in Christian Counseling. With this degree, Henry hopes to work as a mentor and advocate for individuals with substance abuse issues. Henry's biggest passion is being able to pay forward another opportunity that has made his dream of an education a reality. 


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