Program Checklist

• Prison Transition Application

• Ark Covenant Agreement

• Dorm Rules 

• Recommendation Document*

*If you do not have a chaplain or counselor, you must include your conduct sheet

• Ark Application

• Ark Covenant Agreement

• Dorm Rules 



This is a 12 month residential program rooted in a bible-based curriculum. The first six months are free. During this time residents are required to attend daily classes and engage in duties on campus. Residents are not allowed to have a job during this time.

Phase two of this program requires resident to pay $108 per week for the duration of their stay. During this phase we assist residents with acquiring their GED, enrolling in college or technical school,  job training and job placement.

The goal at the end of this program is for our residents to transform their lives through salvation in Jesus Christ. Our residents become independent, contributing members of society. They have the tools to be good Christians, good husbands/wives, good parents, free from the grips of addiction and anger.


All necessary documents needed to apply to our program can be found here on our website.

​- You may print them off and submit them by mail to: P.O. Box 10242, Dothan, AL 36304.
​- You may also fill them out online and submit them via email to:

Please refer to the checklists below to make sure you submit the correct forms for your circumstance.